8 Common Cycling Injuries & Its ICD-10 Codes

Everyone has first vehicle learned to ride is bicycle. It is a affordable and an eco-friendly transportation. It also improves our physical and mental health, but cycle riders may suffer injuries and pain. Cycling injuries are treated by orthopedic specialists, physical therapists, sports medicine specialists and chiropractors. Medical coding company can help these specialists in ICD-10 coding of cycling injuries on their reimbursement claims.

Most cycling injuries are due to poor bike maintenance, over speed, improper riding techniques or posture, which are preventable. Traumatic injuries are common in athletic bicycling. To avoid injuries, the riders should be aware of bicycle safety tips and traffic rules.

Common bicycle injuries and its ICD-10 codes are here in below:

1. Muscle Cramps:

Bicycle riders stress on quad muscles to ride a bike which may cause intense pain in the leg muscles due to muscle fatigue, dehydration and low electrolyte levels.

M62.83 - Muscle spasm

M62.831 - Muscle spasm of calf

M62.838 - Other muscle spasm

M62.89 - Other specified disorders of muscle

M62.9 - Disorder of muscle, unspecified

2. Lower Back Pain:

Back pain is a most common injury in cycling. Long-time cycling in same posture affect lower back muscles, causing low back pain. Too high saddles add stress to your hips, which also cause lower back pain.

M54.5 - Low back pain

3. Knee Pain:

Knee pain is very common with bicycle riders. Improper posture is the most common cause for cycling knee pain. Knee pain is related to patellofemoral pain syndrome or runner’s knee, the pain under and around the kneecap. Main symptoms are crackling noises and sensations in the knee joint.

M25.56 - Pain in knee

M25.561 - Pain in right knee

M25.562 - Pain in left knee

M25.569 - Pain in unspecified knee

M22.2 - Patellofemoral disorders

M22.2X - Patellofemoral disorders

M22.2X1 - Patellofemoral disorders right knee

M22.2X2 -Patellofemoral disorders left knee

M22.2X9 - Patellofemoral disorders unspecified knee

M22.3 - Other derangements of patella

M22.3X - Other derangements of patella

M22.3X1 - Other derangements of patella right knee

M22.3X2 - Other derangements of patella left knee

M22.3X9 - Other derangements of patella unspecified knee

4. Achilles Tendonitis:

Cycling may causes Achilles tendonitis, an injury of the Achilles tendon. If untreated, it leads to tear of tendons. Treatment include rest, physiotherapy or even surgical intervention.

M76.6 - Achilles tendinitis

M76.60 - Achilles tendinitis, unspecified leg

M76.61 - Achilles tendinitis, right leg

M76.62 - Achilles tendinitis, left leg

5. Head Injury and Concussion

In bicycle accidents, head injury is major cause of permanent disabilities and death. Concussion caused by severe head trauma is also a very common injury which may happen in a fall or whiplash. Head injuries can be prevented by wearing bike helmets.

S06.0 - Concussion

S06.0X - Concussion

S06.0X0 - Concussion without loss of consciousness

S06.0X1 - Concussion with loss of consciousness of 30 minutes or less

S06.0X9 - Concussion with loss of consciousness of unspecified duration

S09.8 - Other specified injuries of head

S09.8XXA -Other specified injuries of head initial encounter

S09.8XXD - Other specified injuries of head subsequent encounter

S09.8XXS - Other specified injuries of head sequela

S09.9 - Unspecified injury of face and head

S09.90 - Unspecified injury of head

6. Shoulder Injuries

Bike crashes may cause shoulder injuries like clavicle fracture, shoulder separation or acromio-clavicular (AC) joint injury and rotator cuff tears. Clavicle fracture. While minor cuff tears treated with physiotherapy, major tears and fractures require surgery.

S42.0 - Fracture of clavicle

S42.00 - Fracture of unspecified part of clavicle

S42.001 - Fracture of unspecified part of right clavicle

S42.002 - Fracture of unspecified part of left clavicle

S42.009 - Fracture of unspecified part of unspecified clavicle

S42.01 - Fracture of sternal end of clavicle

S42.011 - Anterior displaced fracture of sternal end of right clavicle

S42.012 - Anterior displaced fracture of sternal end of left clavicle

S42.013 - Anterior displaced fracture of sternal end of unspecified clavicle

S42.014 - Posterior displaced fracture of sternal end of right clavicle

S42.015 - Posterior displaced fracture of sternal end of left clavicle

S42.016 - Posterior displaced fracture of sternal end of unspecified clavicle

S43.42 - Sprain of rotator cuff capsule

S43.421 - Sprain of right rotator cuff capsule

S43.422 - Sprain of left rotator cuff capsule

S43.429 - Sprain of unspecified rotator cuff capsule

7. Ulnar Neuropathy

Also known as hand numbness or handlebar palsy, caused by stress condition due to pressure on the ulnar nerve by pressing on the handlebars continuously for long periods. Rest or anti-inflammatory medications are suggested for this condition.

G56.2 Lesion of ulnar nerve

G56.20- Lesion of ulnar nerve unspecified upper limb

G56.21 - Lesion of ulnar nerve right upper limb

G56.22 - Lesion of ulnar nerve left upper limb

G56.23 - Lesion of ulnar nerve bilateral upper limbs

8. Pudendal Neuropathy

Pudendal neuropathy, also known as bicycle seat neuropathy is also a very common cycling injury. Sitting in the saddle too long leads to chronic pelvic pain. Main symptom is numbness or impotence after cycling.

G58 - Other mononeuropathies

G58.0 - Intercostal neuropathy

G58.7 - Mononeuritis multiplex

G58.8 - Other specified mononeuropathies

G58.9 - Mononeuropathy, unspecified

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