Errors In Urgent Healthcare Billing

Urgent care centers lose money, if errors are committed while billing. Here in below are some examples of such errors which may be committed during urgent care billing and its solutions.

Erroneous Front Desk Procedures:

Revenue Cycle begins from front desk. Inappropriate financial processes that start at front desk can lead to revenue loss. When a patient arrives for a visit, instead of waiting for the visit to be over, co-payments and any prior balances should be collected from him prior to offering him any more services. Practices can lose revenue, resulting in serious debt, if front desk process is erroneous.

Train your front desk staff, and evaluate and update them periodically, or hire a trusted and experienced medical billing company.

Bad Agreements:

Legal agreement with payer reimbursing your facility based on the fee schedule. By virtue of the legal agreement, your facility also gets recognized as in-network centre in their network directory.

It is almost just as bad to get bad agreements negotiated as it is to have no agreements. Bad agreements result in inappropriate reimbursement for services you provide for patients. Reimbursement rates in your contract should be fair for all the services your urgent care centre provides.


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