June-Cataract Awareness Month

Almost 42 percent of all cases of blindness in all nations, cataract is the main cause. More than 25 million Americans are having cataract. By 2032, 38.5 million Americans will suffer from cataract. The month of June is observed as “Cataract Awareness Month” in the United States, The campaign aims to educate the public on cataract, its symptoms, types and treatment options. A cataract is a dense, cloudy area that forms in the lens of the eye. It begins when proteins in the eyes form clumps preventing lens from sending clear images to the retina. If untreated, cataracts can hamper daily activities and lead to blindness. Surgery is the most suggested treatment for cataract. For perfect clinical documentation of cataract, ophthalmologists utilize the medical billing services of professional medical billing companies.

The 2021 Cataract Awareness Campaign aims to educate patients about common misconceptions and myths about cataracts. In majority of cases, cataracts develop by aging or injury. Other causes are congenital genetic disorders, previous eye surgery, long-term steroid medications, excessive exposure to sunlight and diabetes. The condition develops slowly and later interferes with vision. The condition is very common in older people,

Different types and classification of cataract are based on its place and development. Some of the types are – nuclear cataracts, traumatic cataracts, congenital cataracts, cortical cataracts, secondary cataracts, posterior capsular cataracts, and radiation cataracts. In the initial stages, the cloudiness in vision may affect a small part of lens and patient is not aware about vision loss. As the condition progresses, it clouds more portion of lens, resulting in more noticeable symptoms. Symptoms associated with cataract are clouded, blurred or dim vision, sensitivity to light and glare, seeing halos around lights, increasing difficulty with vision at night, changes in eyeglass or contact lens prescription, fading or yellowing of colors and double vision in a single eye.

To diagnose cataract, ophthalmologists conduct eye examination, review previous medical history, and symptoms. Several tests like – visual acuity test, slit-lamp examination and retinal exam also conducted. In most cases surgery suggested. Surgery involves removal of cataract lens, replacing it with artificial lens (intraocular lens) which remains as a permanent part of the eye. In some patients, other eye problems prevent intraocular lens use. In such cases, after removal of cataract, vision is corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Codes for cataract come under the category – H25 – H28.

Under each specific cataract type, there are several sub-category codes.

H25 Age-related cataract:

  • H25.0 Age-related incipient cataract

  • H25.1 Age-related nuclear cataract

  • H25.2 Age-related cataract, morgagnian type

  • H25.8 Other age-related cataract

  • H25.9 Unspecified age-related cataract

H26 Other cataract:

  • H26.0 Infantile and juvenile cataract

  • H26.1 Traumatic cataract

  • H26.2 Complicated cataract

  • H26.3 Drug-induced cataract

  • H26.4 Secondary cataract

  • H26.8 Other specified cataract

  • H26.9 Unspecified cataract

  • H27 Other disorders of lens

H27.0 Aphakia:

  • H27.1 Dislocation of lens

  • H27.8 Other specified disorders of lens

  • H27.9 Unspecified disorder of lens

  • H28 Cataract in diseases classified elsewhere

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