Pre-Authorization Issues And Solutions

Pre-Authorization is most frustrating and expensive process, which often infuriate health care providers. It costs precious time while fighting with payers, which ultimately bring down productivity. But, there are some effective ways to improve the situation.


Pre-Authorization minimize care costs, and ensures that benefits are payable only by means of pre-approval from the insurance company. Practice or provider should obtain pre approval from payers for providing specific medical services to patients. Pre-Authorization process is very strenuous and may prove an obstacle in providing quality care to patients, if not steered properly, leading to revenue loss and time.


  1. Find out well in advance that what documentations/ information the insurance company would require.

  2. Use technology. EHR (Electronic Health Records) is effective tool.

  3. Use websites of payer companies to expedite Pre-Authorization process.

  4. Partner with medical billing company


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