Quick Guide - Psychotherapy Billing And Coding

Psychological and mental health treatments are rising at considerable speed. Specialty clinics serving psychotherapy should be aware of changes in coding. Up to date knowledge in coding and billing helps to avoid denied claims.

Most common CPT codes used are:


  • 90832 – 30 minutes with patient

  • +90833 – 30 minutes with a patient with E/M

  • 90834 – 45 minutes with a patient

  • +90836 – 45 minutes with a patient with E/M

  • 90837 – 60 minutes with a patient

  • +90838 – 60 minutes with patient with E/M

  • 90845 – Psychoanalysis

  • 90846 – Family psychotherapy (without the patient present); 50 minutes

  • 90847 – Family psychotherapy (conjoint psychotherapy with patient present); 50 minutes

  • 90848 – Multiple-family group psychotherapy

  • 90853 – Group psychotherapy (not a multi-family group)

Psychiatric Diagnostic:-

  • 90791 – Psychiatric diagnostic evaluate

  • 90792 – Psychiatric diagnostic evaluation with medical services

Most important thing to remember while billing is the duration of the appointment, either in-person or virtual, and numbers of patients receiving care.

Records should include:

  • Date of appointment

  • Provider information

  • Whether it is in-person or virtual

  • Type of therapy

  • Diagnosis

  • Prescribed medications

  • Progress and follow-up

The staff should confirm up to date insurance information of patient when he arrives. Claims are commonly denied due to incorrect insurance information, incorrect codes, and late submissions.


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