Tips For Efficient Patient Flow

Effective patient flow is the key to revenue increase, practice improvement and providing a positive experience to the patient. All healthcare practices have recognized importance of effective patient flow. In fast and busy life, the experience of going to treatment facility is not only scheduling an appointment and waiting to see a provider. Patient flow refers to every point during the patient visit, from arrival to departure. To maximize time with patient, seamless patient movement from check-in to practice area to check-out is most important.

By placing the patient first, practices can maintain continuous stream of new and retaining patients resulting in revenue increase.

Here are some tips for good patient flow:

Ample Parking Facility:

Parking is part of patient flow and have impact on patient satisfaction and revenue. If patients could not find parking space, they will be late for scheduled appointments. Some patients may gave up and failed to show up. Parking scarcity result into practice revenue and patient satisfaction suffering.

Missed Appointments:

No-shows and late cancels can cost the practice fortune. Most common reasons are- patient did not get work off or could not find babysitter or could not drive through traffic to visit facility. Adding a cancellation policy with a fee can help or offering virtual visits from patients' home are effective. If patients don’t require to brave traffic or take time off to visit you, they will not skip an appointment.

Efficient Medical Supply:

Make sure that medical supplies must have efficient flow. There are several options for medical supply flow. Use a single, central storage area or place medical supplies in each individual room or use carts that move from location to another.

Signage Placing:

There should be lobby or parking lot signs directing patients to the correct destination. Also there should be signs clearly distinguishing check-in from check-out, or segregating patients as per their service needs.

Information To Patients:

Keep your staff informed on your schedule so they can communicate information to patients before hand. When patients are left waiting for long period, they become restless and frustrated. Inform patients in advance by text or phone about their delayed appointments.


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